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Heater Tune Up

Augusta, GA, Heater Service

Have you been getting through the last few winters by supplementing your heating system with space heaters? You may be surprised to learn that space heating is the largest energy expense in the average U.S. home, according to an article on Not only are space heaters costly, they can also pose threats to your health by leaking dangerous carbon monoxide gas. You might think that holding on to your old heating unit is saving you money when in fact it could be doing just the opposite.

Once a system’s efficiency drops below a certain point, it becomes increasingly expensive to operate and decreasingly effective at heating your home or office. Most units older than 12 years need to be replaced, something that can easily be done in a timely and cost-effective manner. If you aren’t sure whether your heating system is past its prime, give us a call, and one of technicians will give it a thorough inspection. Regularly scheduled maintenance not only lowers power bills, it extends the life of the system and the occupant more. If your system is still functioning efficiently and safely, we will let you know, as we pride ourselves on being a company of integrity. If your system is no longer efficient or safe for your home, we will provide you with replacement options.

Our specialized technicians at Atlas Heating and Air Inc. know that it’s not just about the brand name. It’s also about function and what a heating unit can do for you. We will help you select the best warranty and replacement plans possible to ease your stress and keep you and your family nice and toasty in the winter months. Keep your home or small business warm and safe this winter; schedule an annual maintenance check with Atlas Heating and Air, your trusted local Augusta HVAC company.

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