Augusta, GA Museum of History: A Place to Learn about History!

The Augusta Museum of History is a great place to learn about the history of Augusta, Georgia. The museum has exhibits on Augusta’s rich history and culture including civil war artifacts, textiles, furniture, clothing, and more. Visitors can also explore Augusta’s past through videos, interactive stations, and activities for kids! Stop by today or visit their website for more information. Learn more here.

The first exhibit you will see when entering the Augusta, GA Museum Of History revolves around Native American life before Europeans arrived onto the continent during colonial times. This exhibit shows how native Americans lived with their families by hunting animals such as deer and buffalo after which they would use every single part just like modern-day hunters do today! They also had to live off the land and this is shown in Augusta Museum of History’s exhibit by showing how they used animal skin to make clothes, tents, tipis (teepees), and other items such as canoes. Learn more about Augusta, GA Riverwalk: A Safe, Restful Place for All.

During your next trip to Augusta be sure to stop at the Augusta Museum of History where you can learn all about how this city got its name as well as many other interesting facts! Augusta is a beautiful city with lots of things to do and Augusta Museum of History has one more thing for you to check out. Visit Augusta today or visit their website for more information on current exhibits, upcoming events, hours, location map, etc.