Need a New Unit?

Are you considering whether you need to replace your home’s central heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit—commonly known as your HVAC system?  We have designed a fact-based decision matrix that will help with that decision.   Call us and we will send it you free of charge.

Your HVAC system consumes more energy than any other appliance in the home. In fact the average household spends an average of $2200 per year on energy bills and a full 50% of that is heating and air costs. After equipment reaches a certain age, efficiency and capacity diminishes. The life expectancy of HVAC equipment is between 10-15 years, according to the National Association of Home Builders. Knowing when to replace and upgrade can save homeowners money and a lot of aggravation. Atlas Heating and Air INC carefully considers your home’s unique design so that we can recommend systems that will maximize performance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality — all while accommodating your own personal preferences.

Things to consider when choosing a contractor:

  1. Be wary of an HVAC contractor that gives you a bid or an estimate over the phone.
  2. Be careful of any HVAC contractor that replaces your old air conditioner with the same type of unit as before.
  3. Check with the better business bureau.
  4. Your HVAC contractor should be licensed by the Contractors State License Board.
  5. Your HVAC contractor should give you a detailed written bid or estimate.
  6. Read Online Google Reviews and Avoid Yelp, Angie’s list and others!
  7. Be Careful About Going with the Lowest Bidder…It Costs More in the Long Run.

If there is a brand you are considering, call the local distributor of that brand and ask about your contractors reputation.