Heater Repair

Heating repair family on couch Atlas Heating and Air Conditioning Inc HVAC contractor Augusta GA

Atlas Heating and Air techs receive 120 hours of training a season on diagnosis and repair of heating systems. Call us at 706-855-7921 at the first sign of trouble.

At Atlas Mechanical Services Inc., we hate to think of you left out in the cold due to a malfunction in your heating system. Central Heating Repair must be done by a professional.   Gas fired HVAC systems produce CO (carbon monoxide). A cracked heat exchanger can lead to exposure of CO for the occupants of the home or building.  In most systems, a cracked heat exchanger can cause a fire by what is called roll out. If you have a heat pump and your seeing “AUX” on the screen frequently or your electrical bill is higher than normal, it could signal your system is running on the auxiliary heat instead of the heat pump.

We will go over your issues and help you determine if a service call is needed or not. Not every issue requires a service call.