Air Conditioning Service

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Routine air conditioner maintenance is the best way to keep your Augusta GA A/C unit operating at peak performance throughout the year.

Atlas Heating and Air Inc. performs annual and biannual air conditioning service & maintenance in Grovetown GA, Evans GA, Martinez GA, Augusta and most of the CSRA.

Regularly scheduled maintenance not only lowers power bills, it extends the life of the system and the occupant more.  Atlas Heating and Air Inc’s Total Comfort membership does all of that and gets you a deep discount on parts and priority of service if your system does fail later.

Don’t wait until the Augusta GA weather takes out you’re A\C suddenly, leaving you sweltering in heat, wondering where to turn. Like the nursery rhyme, “the neck bone is connected to the head bone,” smaller (less expensive) components such as capacitors, contractors and pressure switches are connected to larger components (compressors and large motors). When the smaller components fail, damage to larger components such as compressors and motors occurs. The repair and or replacement of the larger components can be very expensive.

Our professional cleaning, detailed inspection and precision tune-up is unlike any other offered in the Augusta GA region.  We use state of the art computer analyzers, coupled with best practice techniques, all performed by the highest trained technicians in the Augusta GA area. Don’t wait until your Augusta GA A\C system shuts down.

There are two parts of Central Air Conditioning Maintenance in Augusta GA. The customer has the first and most important part. It starts with changing the air filters regularly. In most residential air conditioners in Augusta GA, there is little to no new air. The air is recycled though the HVAC system. If the filter is clogged with dirt and debris, little air will go in and little air will come out. A dirty filter can be connected to the early demise of an indoor blower motor and/or the compressor, both of which are an expensive repair. Make sure you schedule an annual maintenance check with a trusted local company in Augusta.